Our main mission is to constantly help improve the quality of cab services all around the world .

CabReviews only for you!

Through our innovative booking system we want to ensure the customers using our website that they will only use the best reviewed companies in the area they book a taxi from. We are aiming to reach the point where you, our customer, will be able to choose only from the best existing taxi companies, the ones that truly deserve offering transfer services.

Complex, yet simple to use and user friendly, cabreviews.co.uk is a concept that binds together more than one wonderful feature which, together or separately, all lead to the same point: the improvement of taxi services in London, in the UK and, hopefully, in the entire world.

For taxi Customers

  • Are you sick of your cab showing up late?
  • Are you sick of grumpy drivers and messy cars?
  • Are you sick of bad customer service and drivers with poor driving skills?

At cabreviews.co.uk YOU can be the judge of your journey and review each area of the service provided by the taxi operator. Here, your feedback will really have an impact as companies will appear on the top or bottom of a search depending on their feedback score.

The second main benefit is the fact that, every time you are looking to book a taxi on cabreviews.co.uk you will only see the companies with the best reviews. Therefore, you can be most certain that your journeys will be operated only by the best and most experienced taxi companies in London.

For taxi Companies

  • Take advantage of our fantastic booking system and receive bookings for free!
  • Advertise yourself on a website that attracts the taxi customers.
  • Promote your company’s image through your positive feedbacks.

The greatest thing about cabreviews.co.uk is that it all depends on the taxi company. If you do your job well, keep customers satisfied, you are ensured a top position when the client is searching to book a cab.

You will find Cabreviews a fantastic platform as, being locally targeted, it will ensure that every company receives journeys and gets noticed by customers. All you need to do is sign up with us. It’s FREE!!!